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Afra Research and Engineering Company was established in 2006 under the management of Engineer Masoud Sadr. The company’s focus is on training and developing science and technology in a practical and applied way and promoting manufacturing knowledge among graduates and industry managers. The company, with its experienced team and academic and international communications, has the ability to review the process, perform the necessary calculations, product design and manufacturing program and production and delivery of industrial products with standard certification and support you with warranty and after-sales service.

مهندس مسعود صدر

Academic and Activities Background

Mechanical Engineer From the University of Hamburg (Bachelor)

Industrial Engineering from the University of Berlin (M.Sc.)

5-day project management course by Evotec

5-day automation course at BENZ

5-day BENZ production management course

5-day course in Management Psychology and Human Resources Bystronic glass

Work experience in Germany and Switzerland

Started working in 1993 with Evotecoai (owned by Novartis Switzerland). www.evotecoai.com

Design and manufacture of drug distribution system in the amount of 10-12 liters by Piezo Electric, Micro Pump and perlite elements (this system has the ability to adjust the temperature between 4- to 37 degrees, automatic washing, portability and Assay division) which in Eventually, it led to an international patent by Evotec under the name of Engineer Sadr.

Designer of fully automatic mechanical system, control over the reprinting of photos of negatives, for the company Agfa (Germany) in which the negatives are automatically classified and after reading the desired number, adjust the transparency and the number of photos.

Project Engineer at Diehlako (Home Appliance Manufacturer in Germany: Washing Machine and Dishwasher) for Siemens and Bosch (SMD Manufacturer and Designer of Electronic Control Panels Website www.Diehlako.com)

Investigation and kinematic design of movement on the roof of Capriolese cars and its installation in the trunk of Benz SLK car in CTS Hamburg (joint venture between Benz and Porsche) Website www.Cartopsystems.com

Project engineer to install the inflatable slide holding box under the entrance and exit door of 380AirBus aircraft in Hamburg (calculation of FEM and selection of suitable materials)

Design and manufacture of laminate glass cutting machine in the German company Armatec (cutting table m5 × 4 with two cutting edges from above and below with heating and traction system to separate our PVB layer between bulletproof glass) www.bystronic-glass.com

Car glass production line project manager and designer of car glass cutting table consisting of moving robots, glass transport robots and cutting, stone and perforating parts in BystronicGlass Switzerland www.bystronic-glass.com

Work experience in Iran

Providing consulting services for the implementation of integrated systems in Iran

Design and construction of RTTR robot at the 2006 Industry Exhibition (Pick And Place, linear and two-axis rotary axis) equipped with altitude detection sensor

Design and manufacture of fully automatic bending machine for aluminum profiles between 6 to 24 mm for double-glazed windows with servo motors on the control panel and sold it to Spacer Bender Automatic and …….

Design and manufacture of profile arc making machine for Dehnad Sanat Pars Arcmaker and …

Mechanical consultant in the construction of 25 laser arm and Iran Atomic Energy Organization Laser 25W

Design and manufacture of double glazed Argon gas injector

Design and manufacture of fully automatic filler silicager in the process of making double glazing

Design and manufacture of fully automatic CNC cutting table machine

Design and manufacture of electronic descaling system for Iran Petroleum Products Distribution and Refining Company

Consultant in Iran Fava Gostaresh company for ERP systems

Consultant in Tehran University Technology Park

After-sales service representative of the Swiss company Bistronic, a manufacturer of car glass production line

Receive technical engineering license from Tehran Province Industries and Mines Organization

Receive a research license from the Tehran Province Industries and Mines Organization

Conducting a factory management training seminar for Omid Isfahan and Venus industrial companies

Conducting PDM training seminar at Sharif University of Technology

Conducting an educational seminar at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran (from idea to production)

Conducting an educational seminar in Tehran University Technology Park (commercialization infrastructure and product standards)

Conducting a project management training seminar beyond the theorist of Tehran Polytechnic University

Afra Company has 5 patents in Iran and one international patent.

مهندس مسعود صدر
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