Argon Gas Filling Machine

Argon gas filling machine produced by Afratech company is designed and produced in 2 different groups:

2-channel filling machine
4-channel filling machine

دستگاه پرکن گاز آرگون​

Features of Afratech Argon Gas Filling Machine

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دستگاه پرکن گاز آرگون​

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A few tips about Argon Gas Filling Machine

Double-glazed argon gas injection machine, which is very important in a standard line for producing double-glazed and multi-glazed glass, is responsible for injecting argon or xenon and krypton gas into double-glazed windows, so selecting the appropriate quality machine It can be a very good investment for glass customers due to the quality of injection in double glazing and in the long run. How to work with double glazed argon gas injection machine is in two ways: 1. Machines that enter the length, width and thickness of the spacer. The device calculates the time required to inject argon gas and after the start and end of this work, the injection is stopped. Of course, you should pay attention to sudden laminar or turbulent flows, which are very likely to occur with increasing gas pressure during injection. As a result, the calculations will not be done according to the schedule, but in the other type of double-walled argon gas injection machine, the sensors used at the argon gas outlet stop the injection after filling the argon gas detection at the glass outlet, which, of course, Vortex currents inside the glass are likely to The glass is not completely injected with gas, but the sensor considers the glass to be full of gas, and to prevent this, the injection of gas inside the glass is very important, and in the third type, we see very simple devices equipped with mechanical valves. By disconnecting and connecting the valve, they enter the argon gas into the glass. The most important point in injecting argon gas into double-glazed windows is to have simultaneous injection and discharge operations, because if the flow rate rises, the gas enters the glass. And not leaving it will cause the glass to be convex. We need to know that argon gas will settle to the bottom of the glass due to being heavier than air, so argon gas will be injected through the bottom hole of the glass and air will be discharged from the top of the glass and the inlet and outlet flow must be the same. In the German standard norm, the amount of gas injected in double-glazed glass is estimated at 90% + – 5% tolerance, and according to the calculation of 1% annual leakage, after 20 years, the volume of gas in the glass will reach 70% + – 5%. The heat transfer coefficient with argon gas is 1.1 and without argon gas is 1.4, and also the injection of argon gas inside the glass reduces the amount of air and the possibility of moisture in the air remaining inside the glass. To test the argon gas injected in double-glazed glass, two models of the device are common in the market. 1- A device from the Scandinavian company with Spark Like brand, which is in Finland, and by measuring the electric arc inside and on the glass, the amount of gas inside the glass Determines that if this device is used and if the glass has different coats such as silver, green, etc., which is iron oxide, the amount of arc will change and is not suitable for coated glass and the sample Another device of Helan Tech company in Germany is that by sampling the present glass, the amount of argon gas inside the glass can be determined.

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