Desiccant Filling Machine

Desiccant Filling Machine produced by Afratech Company is known as the only fully automatic dehumidifier injection machine in Iran.

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A few tips about Desiccant Filling Machine

Dehumidifying machine for double glazed glass spacers is one of the important components of the standard double glazing production line. This device, in addition to reducing manpower and increasing the quality and accuracy in improving the work, saves a lot of time in production.

Device performance

The standard silica gel injection machine made by European companies performs spacer drilling, damp injection inside the spacer and also adhesive on the injection site. After bending the spacer, select the two farthest sides of the spacer from the connection point and place it on the fixture of the device. The spacer is held firmly in place by the fixture. The hole is then drilled with two drills. The regenerated dampening material is then injected into the spacer in the tank. Then, in the final part, by sticking the injection site, the silica gel material inside the spacer is prevented from falling on the ground. This device has side vibrators, two separate injection control valves and detection sensors after the injection is completed.

The price of the device

The price of silica gel filling machine for filling double-glazed aluminum spacers is determined according to the quality of the equipment used, motors and various pneumatic valves and sensors. Moisture injection operations in double glazed aluminum spacers must be done very accurately due to its accuracy and importance. Lubrication of the rails and guides of the device is important because the deposition of damp material on the rails will eventually lead to wear. One of the European manufacturers of silica gel injection machine for filling double glazed spacers is Bistronic Company, which has a very good quality. The price of a foreign model of dehumidifier, such as Swiss and German, can be estimated at around 60,000 to 80,000 euros.

A few tips about double-walled glass spacers
Strictly avoid using manual spacers in the automatic dehumidifier. Due to the softness of the manual aluminum spacer due to pressure, it deforms in the holder or fissure and as a result, the injection is not done properly.
Also, strictly avoid using adhesive spacers in the injection machine. Because the adhesive blocks the damping injection ducts.
Moisture injection machine for spacer with long and short lengths up and down has the ability to adjust the movement course.
By injecting regenerated dampener into double-glazed glass, residual or unloaded air moisture is absorbed.
Be sure to pay attention to the time of filling the spacer in the process of producing standard double-glazed glass and placing it between the glass. Otherwise, the injected dampers absorb the humidity in the hall and its use disrupts the standard glass production process.
Do not open the lid of the moisture-proof tank.
The diameter of the damping material or silica gel of the injection device is less than one millimeter.

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