Double Glazed Glass Washing Machine

Double Glazed Glass Washing Machine produced by Afratech Company has been designed and produced in 4 different groups:

  • Washing machine 1.8 meters with 4 brushes
  • Washing machine 2.0 meters with 6 brushes
  • Washing machine 2.3 meters with 6 brushes
  • Washing machine 2.5 meters with 6 brushes

Features of Afratech Double Glazed Glass Washing Machine

  • All-steel body made of 316 steel
  • Anti-scratch multi-piece brushes for easy replacement and reduced brush consumption
  • Strong blowers to dry all glass even in hot and humid areas
  • High quality and durable water pumps
  • after sales services
دستگاه شستشوی شیشه دوجداره

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A few tips about Double Glazed Glass Washing Machine

Dimensions of washable glass

Manufacturers of this type of machine usually classify their machines in several series depending on the maximum height of washable glass, which increases with the height of the glass, the price of double-glazed glass washing machine increases. For example, the devices produced by Afratek Company are 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, each of which is related to the maximum height of washable glass in meters. The thickness of washable glass is also an important factor, which usually includes a double-glazed salt glass machine from 3 to 19 mm.

Number, type of brush and villi density

The number of brushes is directly related to the quality of cleaning greasy and dirty glass. In our production machines, 4 or 6 brushes have been used. It is very important that the brushes do not create any scratches on the glass. This is especially important when washing reflex glass. Brushes that have higher lint density usually do a better job of cleaning the glass.

Abrasion pressure

Usually in a double glazed salt glass machine, the amount of pressure (wear) that the brushes put on the glass can be controlled. Another important point is that if the brushes are not installed properly, ie if the amount of wear is not evenly distributed along the bristles, then the life of the brushes will be drastically reduced and the maintenance costs of the machine will increase. . Another point is that in the devices made by Afratek company, multi-piece brushes are used so that by using the brushes, the useful life of the whole brush can be used and the brush circumference can be minimized.

Body material of the device

The material of the washing machine as well as water and detergent tanks should be 316 (Stainless Steel) and not galvanized or plastic sheets. Because the severity of corrosion is very high in this place. This has a huge impact on the life of the device. In addition, the body of the input and output should be used static or furnace paint. Humidity is usually high in double glazing workshops. This issue is clearly seen in the body of the second-hand double-glazed glass washing machine in the workshops.

Dry all the glass

One of the most important problems in many glass washing machines on the market, especially substandard porcelain machines, is that the machine is not able to dry the bottom of the glass. This is due to the lack of proper design of the air dryer nozzle, so be sure to pay attention to this issue when buying because if you are not careful, you will have many problems. Based on experience, we recommend choosing a device that has a fan dryer motor power greater than 5 hp.

Water pumps

Usually in the devices available in the market, we see a lot of noise from the device’s water pumps after a short period of use. This is due to the cavitation phenomenon in the pump. Cavitation phenomenon reduces the useful life of pumps and thus reduces the life of the device. Therefore, one of the other important points when buying a double-glazed washing machine that you should pay attention to, is to ensure the correct choice of pumps by the manufacturer. We at Afratek, with our experienced engineering team and many years of experience in designing and manufacturing the device, give you this assurance. In manufacturing our devices, the highest standards of the world have been observed in order to reach the customer with the highest quality.

Warranty and after-sales service

Due to many years of experience in this field, be sure to buy from the manufacturer of Iranian double glazing machine to safely conclude your investment in the production of double glazed doors and windows and concerns and problems related to minor breakdowns of the device, Do not stop your product line. We are by your side in Afratek Company as a top Iranian manufacturer so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Read the complete information on how to choose and important points in buying a double-glazed washing machine in the following link.

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