Double Glazed Glass Press Machine

Double glazed Glass Press Machine produced by Afratech company is designed and produced in 2 different groups:

  • Double glazed roller press
  • Double glazed plate press
دستگاه پرس شیشه دوجداره

Features of Afratech Double Glazed Glass Press Machine

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دستگاه پرس شیشه

Machine Performance Video

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A few tips about Double Glazed Glass Press Machine

It is divided into two categories: roller and plate presses.

Roller press or roller

The first glass is placed on the conveyor and the installation location of the spacer is determined by two fixtures from the front and bottom. .

Page Press

The glass press in this machine is done by pressing two plates. This pressure can be applied by air jacks or electric motors. The press machine can stack two glasses on top of each other (for external view and formless glass). Also, the double-glazed glass plate press machine can inject argon gas while pressing two glasses. See the photo of Bistronic device in this link.

Quality commitment

Afratek Engineering Research Company, a manufacturer of double glazing machines in Iran, is able to manufacture both types with very high accuracy and quality and present it to the market and respected craftsmen as soon as possible. The price of the device is determined according to its features. The electrical components used in the device are provided by various foreign brands, which is effective in determining the final price. Our commitment is to provide high quality device in its various types.

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