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The fiber laser machine produced by Afratek Company with optimal performance is able to easily cut steels up to 8 mm thick.

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دستگاه لیزر فایبر برش فلزات

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A few tips about Fiber LASER Machine

Due to the increase in production speed and accuracy in the industry, the need for a laser device for precise cutting of metal raw materials – polymers – in various forms such as sheets and profiles can be seen.
How the laser is produced:
To produce lasers in an active environment – excitatory and intensifying
We need (parallel mirrors)
The type of lasers is classified according to the active environment of liquid-gas-solid or the division of lasers is based on voltage: RF-Puls-continuously-super puls
Gas laser active environment such as: Argon- co2– Helium / Neon
Liquid environments such as: -Rankine (radioactive substances) reminiscent of lasers
Solid environment: such as ruby-alexanride-Nd-YAG yttrium aluminum carnet

Laser production method: light amplification by simulated emission of radiation (light amplification by beam induction)
In all lasers by stimulating the active medium which can be a gaseous substance such as arc – carbon dioxide and … or solids such as ND or yak or fiber (fiber) and …
For example, optical fiber, which is the base material of glass, and another material in which it is injected. The goal is to raise the energy level (ion-atom (multi-ion) or molecule (multi-atom)) by the conditions we create. Induction is done in a lamp by giving a voltage, but the charge is called spontaneous It goes higher and after saturation of the upper level of electrons, they return to the base level and release their energy as a photon. They are of the same type and the laser becomes monochromatic (light). It is created in a photon direction and because it is located between two parallel (intensified) mirrors, it causes infinite rotation of photons. Photons stimulate other electrons to come down from the alignment. High energy and create photons, and thus the number of photons is more and more, and when the front mirror with a reflection percentage of less than 100 (depending on the design and type of laser) and the rear is 100% reflected and the photons that do not pass and return and this The action is repeated. And with this method, we like monochromatic light (laser).
The diameter of optical fiber used for fiber laser is about 0.6 or 0.4 mm and the path length can reach up to kilometers depending on the power of the laser. (The path of return and return of photons) which is in a coil
Laser diodes Devices with a specific wavelength and specific power are used to excite (pump) the fiber laser. It is known as a laser diode with a very accurate wavelength such as 632 or 545 nm. (But ordinary LEDs or LEDs have optical wavelengths with tolerance)
Fiber laser has a longer wavelength than MD1 laser (MDG laser suitable for steel) The laser either passes through the part to which it shines – absorbs or reflects, for example, CO2 laser passes through the glass and absorbs It is not possible
It is more suitable for non-ferrous metals such as gold, brass, copper, aluminum, silver and fiber absorption wavelengths.
CNC laser fiber cutting accuracy:
The accuracy of the laser machine depends on the CNC and its wavelength
Metal cutting lasers are mainly divided into two categories in industry
Manufacturers of fiber laser source in the world:
IPG photonic – trumpf-SPI-Bystronic- Raycus-Max- GPT

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