Glass Cutting Machine

Glass Cutting Machine produced by Afratech company is designed and produced in 3 different groups:

  • Cutting machine 3210-2250
  • Cutting machine 3464-2440
  • 3-piece cutting machine (cutting table, loading robot and table)

دستگاه برش شیشه

Features of Afratech Glass Cutting Machine

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  • After Sales Services
دستگاه برش شیشه

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A few tips about Glass Cutting Machine

Glass cutting table or CNC glass cutting machine is available in 2 models in the market.

1- Laminated glass cutting table

2- Flat or simple glass cutting table

Laminated glass cutting table

Cut the glass from both sides and then heat the glass with two rubber rollers from above and below or by grabbing the glass with a few clamps and moving it up and down, simultaneously to create a distance between the rubber of the two parts of the glass. (PVB) created and cut with a razor. Kaveh Flute Glass Company can be introduced as one of the top manufacturers of this type of glass.

Plain glass or flute cutting table

There are two other common models in Iran. The single-line glass cutting table and the other model are three-line glass cutting table. CNC single-line glass cutting model includes break and loader inside the table, and three-line model includes loading robot, glass cutting table and glass breaking table.

Due to the coating (coat) on the glass (green and silver reflective glass, etc.) there is no good adhesion on the coating of the coat with the spacer (butyl adhesive) on these glass coatings and it rusts in the long run and spoils the butyl. Creates an argon gas leak. For this reason, in the new glass cutting tables, a sanding machine is installed next to the cutting tool to clean the cut parts of the glass edge. The tables are also divided according to accuracy and speed.

Glass cutting machine software

The glass cutting table has optimizer software that optimizes the arrangement of the given glass, and if the number of glass cut by CNC is large, it can save a large volume of glass per day and increase the accuracy. (Time and amount of glass grinding is reduced) It will be possible to sort and cut car windows and other things. The price of a glass cutting machine depends on the quality of the equipment used in it. After sales service Glass cutting table is one of the important reasons for using interior tables.

Be careful when buying, because it is very important to use an air dryer and keep it steady.

Read the complete information on how to choose and important points in buying a double-glazed glass cutting machine in the following link.

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