Rechargeable Glass Handeling System

Rechargeable Glass Handeling System produced by Afratech company has the ability to easily carry loads up to 1000 kg.

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Features of Afratech Rechargeable Glass Handeling System

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A few tips about Rechargeable Glass Handeling System

Glass cover devices or rechargeable glass facade vacuums are commonly used in the installation of curtain walls in the construction industry and especially in its mass production. The increasing weight and dimensions of the glass and the safety during installation justify the use of this device.

Electric vacuum devices and rechargeable vacuum devices are known in the industry as handling devices or glass shutters, and each model has a different capability.

Rechargeable shutters with vertical, horizontal and rotating glass capability are more common in building facades (glass facades and patios). Fixed caps are often used when installing lightweight glass. After charging, these caps have the ability to keep the glass at a height of up to 8 hours, and its control is done with a remote control, which is very useful. The shutters used inside the building are mounted on the overhead crane and placed between the glass grinding machine, the oven, the glass cutting table or the glass stand so that it can easily rotate or move the glass around its axis.

Maintenance and how to use the glass container
Be careful of the edges of the lashes and do not touch them with sharp edges or the ground.
Avoid charging the charge caps unnecessarily. Do not recharge when it has enough charge.
Keep the caps in the covers you receive from the seller at the time of purchase to prevent dust from entering the vacuum system and vacuum motors.
Vacuum in most non-rechargeable devices is created by the venturi system or vacuum motor. Pay attention to the amount of oil available. It is important that the air entering the venturi system is clean and dry.
Do not use the glass lid when it is raining.
To improve the strength of the mold, clean the silica on the glass where the mold is.

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