Spacer Bender Machine

Spacer Bender Machine produced by Afratech company is designed and produced in 2 different groups:

  • Semi-automatic spacer bender machine
  • automatic spacer bender machine
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Features of Afratech Spacer Bendr Machine

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A few tips about Spacer Bender Machine

Double glazed spacers are available in 2 models in the market. With the fully automatic double glazed aluminum spacers, you can start your work with the machine by giving the dimensions and the required number of bent spacers.

1- Semi-automatic spacer bending machine.

2- Fully automatic spacer bending machine.

Calculate the throw and optimize the consumption of the spacer

The fully automatic bending machine can calculate the amount of space spacer when bending, optimize it and then bend it. This will have the least amount of space from the spacer. The automatic device also has the ability to identify double-glazed aluminum spacers with different widths from 6 to 18 mm. In this link, you can see the catalog of Bistronik’s fully automatic device.

Drilling holes online

Double-glazed glass spacers can also perform online glass drilling operations to inject silica gel during bending operations.

Integrated bending

Double-glazed spacers with bending machine make it possible to bend aluminum spacers between double-glazed windows seamlessly. As a result, by reducing the connection of the corners and integrating the spacer, the possibility of argon gas discharge in the glass will be less. Note that the spacers used in the glass spacer bending machine are of a harder type.

Loader tank

Double-walled glass spacers can be used with or without a spacer loading tank, the advantages and disadvantages of which can be described as follows. If you have a spacer loading tank, after bending and changing the spacer width, the time required to return the rest of the spacer to the tank, as well as the arrangement of spacers inside the tank or spacer holding machine, is very time consuming. As a result, a total of two operators are needed to place a 6-meter spacer with a width of 6 mm in their tank.

Types of spacers

There are different types of double glazed spacers. The most common is aluminum. In the past, steel spacers (which are less commonly used now) and plastic spacers (for beauty) were common. The correct choice of spacer width is directly related to the movement of electrons in the outer orbit of the air atom, which causes the transfer of heat and sound. Therefore, if argon gas is used, the best width of the aluminum spacer is 16 mm – krypton 12 mm and xenon 8 mm to minimize heat and sound transfer. However, triple glazing uses two 6 or 8 mm spacers, which are often filled with argon and krypton gas to improve heat and sound transmission efficiency. It goes without saying that sound and heat transfer in double glazing is also related to the type of UPVC profile, plastic dust collectors and fastening and proper assembly.

Bending quality

One of the most important points in the double glazed spacers is the bending quality. When bending the spacer, the corners of the spacer should not be wider or narrower than the width of the spacer elsewhere. Because at that point in the butyl adhesive and press machine, there is a possibility of non-adhesion to the glass, and as a result, argon gas can leak between the double-glazed glass.

Afratek Engineering Research Company, a manufacturer of double glazing machines in Iran, is able to manufacture both types with very high accuracy and quality and present it to the market and respected craftsmen as soon as possible. The price of the double glazed spacers is determined according to its features. The electrical components used in the device are provided by various foreign brands, which is effective in determining the final price. Our commitment is to provide high quality device in its various types.


Read the complete information about how to choose and important points in buying a bending spacer device in the following link.

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